Tea Pot Painting Class

Paint a ceramic tea pot with lid and small tray! The ceramic tea pot is safe for use, just paint the outside with our multi-surface paint. Classes last roughly two hours. Follow one of our examples or bring in a picture of your own choosing. Guests are welcomed to bring their own beverages, party snacks, gifts, and decorations! Learn techniques, terminology, and spark that creativity in Colors & Cocktails!

Prices vary and are subject to change. Gratitude is not included.

1 Ceramic Tea Pot with lid and small tray - $55

Our painting parties receive a complementary 10% off on our boutique items!

Colors & Cocktails requires a $25.00 deposit to save the date that can be made by credit card or cash. Remainder balance will be paid at the end of your art party, with the party deposit subtracted from your total. If you cancel 7 days before the date of the party, Colors & Cocktails will issue a full refund. If you give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, Colors & Cocktails will issue you a credit to be used towards your future party. One Party Deposit is required per booking. Party deposit is non refundable.

Any questions, please call 269-443-7005 or send us an e-mail to lauren@colors-and-cocktails.com


Please Only Pay For "1" Party Deposit Per Party!