Our Story

Colors & Cocktails was established in February of 2014 in Virginia Beach, Virginia out of Lauren's desire of wanting a consistent career as a military spouse! In Virginia, Lauren grew Colors & Cocktails to 1,200 clients.

In 2016, Lauren and her husband received orders to Battle Creek, Michigan but moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan as Kalamazoo is a very art-focused city!

So, just like that, she moved her company to Kalamazoo, Michigan! Colors & Cocktails open its first studio in 2018 at the Park Trades Center in Downtown Kalamazoo.

Several months later, the studio found a new home on the Kalamazoo Mall, expanding into art classes, boutique shopping, and displaying a gallery of work from local artists and Colors & Cocktails team members!

Meet the Team

Lauren Parker Lasater

Owner, Founder, Art Teacher

I'm Lauren Lasater the founder, owner, artist, and art teacher at Colors & Cocktails: The Mobile Art Party! I launched Colors & Cocktails in February of 2014 in Virginia Beach, Virginia out of the desire of wanting a consistent career as a military spouse! I created a company that I could take my art teaching abilities with me no matter where we get stationed! In Virginia, I grew Colors & Cocktails to 1,200 clients.

In 2016, we received orders to Battle Creek, Michigan but moved to Kalamazoo, MI; a very art-focused city! So, just like that, I transferred my company from Virginia Beach to Kalamazoo. A few wonderful years have passed, and we have fallen in love with Michigan and all it has to offer! Josh is now out of the military, we have decided where in the world we want to live—and we chose Kalamazoo!

Josh, my loving husband, is now a Veteran of the US Navy and has an amazing job working at Stryker. Our family has grown! We have 2 adorable toy poodles - Rosie and Minne. We also now have our sweet and amazing son, Gabriel!

I'm having so much fun teaching a wide variety of art classes both in-person and online! Grab a drink and come join the fun! Cheers! 🥂

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Kayla Kennedy

Art Instructor & Retail Associate

I was born in China & raised in Grand Rapids, but now I live in Kalamazoo to study Art Education at WMU. I like to incorporate scientific motifs, flora, & fauna throughout my art because of my interest in nature & curiosity of how things work. Teaching, fostering connections, & promoting creativity is something I am very experienced with and passionate about. I am the first Colors & Cocktails employee, joining our team in October 2019, and I am excited to continue learning, spreading positivity, and making art fun and accessible for anyone.

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Allison Loraine

Art Instructor & Retail Associate

Allison is a passionate Artist & Teacher who strives to create unique and engaging experience for everyone she works with. She has been doing henna professionally for 4 years.  Allison has had a special interest in henna design since she was a young artist, mesmerized by patterns and motifs she simply could not put the henna cone down once she picked it up for the first time. Allison moved to Kalamazoo in January of 2018 from her hometown of Grand Rapids. She found the courage and motivation to build her own small business here. She has been welcomed and embraced by the art community in Kalamazoo and now teaches henna classes in our Studio and has a booth at The Kalamazoo Farmers Market on Bank Street.

"I love the unique rewards and challenges Henna has given me as an artist."

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Daphne Burt

Art Teacher & Retail Associate

"Hi, my name is Daphne! I love all things art. I am pursuing my dream of being an art teacher by going to WMU for art education. You can find me in one of three places outside, enjoying nature with a good book, with my family, especially my three adorable nephews, and doing art, painting, drawing, sewing, etc. I am excited to be part of an amazing team at Colors and Cocktails!"

Lizbeth Lopez

Art Instructor and Retail Associate

My name is Lizbeth Lopez (she/her) and I’m a recent K College graduate who loves all kinds of creative and performing arts. I’m always looking for creativity in the world and believe that the arts should be accessible to all regardless of gender and sexual identity, race, socioeconomic status, or cognitive and physical ability. I find joy in guiding others in their creative journey through the arts and am always happy to help where I can! I use acrylic paint as my primary form of medium but have always enjoyed adding 3D elements to my work whether that means adding glitter, shards of glass, candle wax, or whatever I have lying around my studio. Art is what you make of it, I learned by adapting what was taught to me so I’m hoping to do the same to others!

Brigitte Vegter


Brigitte Vegter is the owner of Vegter Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions, the standout bookkeeping and financial consulting service for small business clients nationwide. As a self-proclaimed numbers nerd, Brigitte found her love for finance and helping others early in life. Combining those passions, Vegter Financial was born to deliver high value bookkeeping with care and expertise all while maintaining a family first culture.Brigitte is inspired daily by her husband and three amazing kiddos. Brigitte and her family spend a lot of time traveling and going on many adventures. You can also find her with a great book in hand during her free time. 

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Chelsie Fall, SHRM-CP

HR Specialist

By nature, I am a social person and have always been interested in human behavior. I realized early on that if people need to work then we should enjoy it and decided that my mission was to change the way we think about employees in the workplace. This is all about creating a people-centered, high performing, innovative culture and shifting our initiatives from the traditional practices we have always implemented in the workplace. My work is my passion, but my "why" is my favorite people of all; my husband, two young children, and our sweet dog, Rylie. 

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