Rock Painting Kit [Kindness and Hero ]

LOOK NO FURTHER: This kit contains 6 Jumbo and Flat Rocks. Look no further, most other rock painting kits comes with small and uneven rocks. We carefully curate a collection of flat and large rocks to be included in this kit. This Kindness Rock Kit comes with 6 Rocks (6-8CM) , 2 Paint brushes, 4 Paint Pots (Red, Yellow, Blue and White), 2 Kindness Tattoo Sheet, and 1 Bottle of Liquid Resin to weather proof your rocks. BIGGER ROCKS Most rock kits gives you small and uneven rocks. Our rock is 2-3 inches wide with a flat surface for painting and decorating. Kindness Project - DIY Rock Art helps you spread kindness wherever you go. With large, smooth surface rocks and uplifting transfer sticker tattoos, the kit has everything you need for painting and decorating six Super Kind and Super Cool rocks.