12 Oil Pastels in Storage Case

Great oil pastel set for kids! Oil pastels for kids feature a bright, opaque color that has a smooth color laydown. Designed for kids who are graduating from crayons. Blend and create with ease with this beginner-friendly art medium that is softer than a crayon and easily blends to cover large areas with vibrant colors. Comes with 12 vibrant colors: blue, turquoise, green, lime green, yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, black, peach, and white. Organize and store your oil pastels for kids in a sturdy carrying case. A perfect travel companion for on-the-go art projects! Artists use oil pastels on a wide variety of art projects such as watercolor resist effects, texture rubbings, mix with oil, scratch art, and more! The Hexagon shape makes these oil pastels easier to hold, preventing hand fatigue when coloring large areas. Bonus - This unique shape keeps the pastels from rolling off your desk or workspace.