Paint Your Own Squishy Kit: Alpaca

Ready to Win Cool Mom Points? Grab a Fiesta and Sunshine Squishies Kit! Our Make it Mine Fiesta and Sunshine Squishies Kit comes with everything your kids need to customize 3 large, soft squishies to their hearts' content. No need to run to the store for anything - we’ve got it all taken care of for you! Our Fiesta and Sunshine Squishies Kit kit comes with 10 pieces, including 3 blank slow-rise squishies, 1 string of colorful pom poms, 4 large bottles of vibrantly-colored paint, and 2 quality paint brushes. Kid-Friendly! We design each of our products with kids in mind - because we know their safety shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of fun. With our Make it Mine Squishies Kits, they get both! Our DIY squishies kits are 100% non-toxic so you can feel confident about your kids playing with them. We carefully designed and tested the paint and squishies foam for minimal fumes. We also include safety instructions that cover safety precautions and cleaning tips.