1.25oz Sunshine Line Shower Steamers

All steamers are 1.25 oz and handmade in our warehouse. Included scents: Love spell (smells like the victoria's secret scent) • Coffee (freshly roasted coffee) • Cherry champagne (cherries, sweet bubbly champagne) • Strawberries and cream (fresh berries and sweet cream) • Sunflower (orange blossom, peach and sandalwood scent) • Cucumber splash (cucumber, aloe, grapefruit scent) • Directions: Place the steamer in the back of the shower, not directly under the shower spray, but where it will still get splashed by the hot water. Shower as long as desired. • Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, grapeseed oil, fragrance, witch hazel, FDA&C coloring

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