1.25oz Essential Oils Shower Steamers (Holiday)

  • These large shower steamers are the perfect bath bomb alternative to those who don't take baths. Steamers are individually shrink wrapped, with a label on the bottom with directions and ingredients.

Our Christmas Shower Steamers are made in our warehouse here in Central Florida. Each steamer is 1.5 oz+ each.  Steamers are available in 6 scents: Victorian Christmas ~ A blend of green pine, clove and soft florals • Christmas Tradition ~ Mix of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla • Iced Cranberry~ Sweet cranberry, apple and vanilla • Christmas Tree ~ Sweet green fresh cut Douglas Fir • Hollyberry ~ Notes of green fir and sweet berry • Twisted Peppermint ~ Sweet, creamy peppermint candy

Made in the United States of America

Directions: place the steamer in the back of the shower, not directly under the shower spray, but where it will still get splashed by the hot water. Shower as long as desired.


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